“1st Karate Day” in Vienna 2015

In analogy to the “Official Karate Day”, yearly organized by the Austrian

Karate Federation, Alfred Anderl, the president of the Vienna Karate Federation and his team organized the very first Karate Day in Vienna on the 14th November 2015.

The location for this event was the new ASKÖ sport center in Vienna.

About 120 Karateka from 12 Karate clubs attended and had an informative and successful day.

Within 6 hours the participants could select between 6 interesting different stations, hold by experienced trainers and specialists, such as Kata, Bunkai, Kihon, Kumite, self defense and two theoretical presentations concerning Mental Training and nutrition for athlets.

Such events are important for the Karate training itself but also to increase the general knowledge about the Karate live in Austria as well as the communication between the numbers of Karateka in Vienna.


The photographs give you an impression of the performances.