Willkommen auf der Homepage des Jundokan Karate Do Austria

Dear Karate Friends,

very warm welcome at the homepage of Austrian Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-Do Jundokan.

First developed in the year 2000 in a simple and short form we now present you the revised edition. You will find various stories and reports about our training, the dojos and the trainers as well as many photographs about events, we take part in.

Since 1997 Jundokan Karate has been an established style of Karate in the Austrian Karate Federation. In the near future you will also be informed about the history of Jundokan Karate-Do in Austria.

As the way is the aim we will actualize the homepage routinely. So come back again and read the topical news.

At the moment thank you for visiting us and good luck in the spirit of Karate-Do.

HSV Wien

Karatetraining im Heeressportverein Wien

Die Sektion Karate war von Corona natürlich so betroffen wie viele andere auch, aber wir haben unter Einhaltung der geltenden Vorschriften laufend trainiert und haben so die Mehrzahl der Trainierenden gut zusammen gehalten.

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HSV Wien

International Jundokan Gasshuku 2022 in Enköping/Sweden

Within the first two weeks in July 2022 the yearly international Jundokan Gasshuku was held in Enköping, about 50 km WNW from Stockholm. This Gasshuku followed the event in Austria 2019 and was the first possibility to meet after the difficult circumstances caused by the corona pandemic.

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Goju Ryu Hollabrunn

Jundokan Gassuku

This great event „Jundokan Gasshuku“ is organized every year at different cities in Europe and every 5th year in Naha, Okinawa. In Europe in the past e.g. in Paris, Leeds, Catania, Warsaw etc..

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Jundokan Karatedo Austria

Robert Werner – Star Musician and Karateka

Robert Werner, an artist of the extra class, singer, pianist and composer, music enthusiast, passionate entertainer.
A high-prized “Viennese child” who received his first piano lessons at the age of four from his own father …

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