2nd International Jundokan Gashuku in Sicily, July 2014

The Gashuku in July in Catania was a great success for Jundokan and its friends again. Participants from England, France, Italy, Madagaskar, Sweden and Austria came to Catania to practice together under the leadership of our famous Jundokan trainers from Okinawa, namely Kancho Yoshihiro Miyazato, Kinjo Sensei and Gima Sensei.

The organization happened under the leadership of the Shibusho of Sicily, Dr. Francesco Sapienza; we all have to thank him very much for his hospitality, the organization of the sports hall and the necessary transportation.

The Gashuku was held in a big sports hall nearby the center of Catania.

Additional to the training also a Dan-grading was held and two of our students from Austria, Gerlinde Hartinger and Erich Scheder passed the grading to Nidan successfully.

One evening was spent together as a “Pizza-Meeting” in a nice restaurant nearby the sea.

After the training there was also the possibility to visit the center of Catania and its famous places for sightseeing. Especially the historical cathedral and the black elephant (made of lava rocks from the Ätna) are musts to be seen.

On another day we visited a big, impressive shopping center. We also spent some time at the public area of the beach in the southern part of Catania on a sunny, hot day.

The photographs give you an impression of the event.