Event for Trainers of the Austrian Karate Federation in Wels, Upper Austria

Once a year the AKF=Austrian Karate Federation organizes a one day seminar in Wels, nearby Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.

About 140 participants from all Austrian Federal Countries attend this extraordinary event. There is always a very interesting program including practical training parts as well as theoretical discussions.

This year, information of the running activities and the organizational work up to now and the planned preparations were presented by the main organizers for the World Championships in 2016 in Wels.

Five trainers of HSV-Wien, female and male, attended the seminar successfully.

The participation is a criterion for prolonging the validity of the examiners license for Kyu- and Dan-examination.

The practical parts were held by the official trainers of the Austrian Karate Federation.

An important point of discussion were the oncoming World Champion Ships in Austria in 2016 and the running preparation of the organization.

The hard work all the day long was finished in the evening with a dinner, which was served by the organizers and it was very nice to sit and eat together.

All in all the event was a great success and none was hurt.

The photographs should give you an impression from the event.