International Jundokan Gashuku in Leeds/UK in October 2015


Jundokan Honbu Dojo Okinawa initiates every year an international Gashuku in Europe; the locations changes nearly yearly. E.g. Catania/Sicily, Paris/France and this year in Leeds/UK.

This great event was organized by Jenni Molloy, Godan, head of the Jundokan  Tsuyoikokorodojo and shibusho of Jundokan Leeds. Jenni and her team have prepared the event in the very best manner. As well as from the selection of the trainingshall as from the well planned social events to offer the opportunity for talking and eating together.

The trainers from Okinawa are famous and well known. Under the leadership of Kancho Yoshihiro Miyazato were present Tsuneo Kinjo, Tetsu Gima, both Kyu-Dan, and Shimamura Sensei, a younger trainer from Okinawa. They have been assisted by Yurio Nakada, Alaska, also Kyu-Dan.

There were about 120 participants from UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Irland, Tansania, France, Poland, Sweden and Austria.

Jundokan Austria was present with 11 karateka, most of them with great experience in participating in international events.

We have been located nearby the famous Beckett University in the northern area of Leeds. The trainings hall in the Northern Ballet was big, the floor of best quality and it is usually used by ballet dancers.

The training covered basics, Kata and Bunkai and was very interesting as well as helpful for the trainings in the own countries for the participants later on.

Mr. Rudolf Zampa passed the examination to Yon-Dan successfully.

Beside the daily trainings we visited some famous places in Leeds, e.g. the Minster, the Leeds Museum etc.. Of course there was time to visit the Royal Air Force Museum in York, nearby Leeds.

The Sayonara Party was a great opportunity to sit and drink together and to communicate in nice rooms. The band of Jenni played modern music and we Austrians presented at stage the most famous song “Da Steirische Brauch” and Renate and Dieter Papsch made a show dance in special Austrian clothes.

All in all the Gashuku was a great success and we are looking forward to that i

Lisboa next year.



The photographs give you an impression of the performances.