Karate Weekend-Seminar in the Federal Secondary College for Engineering

The spring weekend Karate seminar in the HTL-Hollabrunn took place from 31.3. – 2.4.2017 in their newly renovated beautiful gymnasium.
40 participants from 8 clubs from Lower Austria, Vienna and Tyrol participated successfully.
The weekend seminar was opened by the Director of the HTL (Federal Secondary College for Engineering) , Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Bodei, and Mag. Karl Schörg, Director of the Sporthotel and Student House, with praiseworthy words on the successful association work at the SSC-HTL-Hollabrunn (school sports club) and the importance of sport, especially in youth work. This traditional course has existed since 1978.
The essential points of the course were the preparation of 3 candidates for their examinations on the 1st and 2nd Dan in the autumn of the year, and for the mass of the participants on the extension and improvement of the potential of Kata (Scheinkampf) and the true bunkai (kataanalysis).
The training sessions were carried out in the following manner: warm-up, basic technique training, Kata-Kihon (partial sequences of Kata), Kata and Bunkai, ending.
A highly-trained, well-known Karatemaster from Brunn, Lower Austria, Helmut Lohner, 6. Dan Goju Ryu Karate presented in a short story the basic principles and significance of the Krav Maga, a very effective Israeli close combat technique. Practical examples have been carried out in connection with knife and pistol defense.
Many participants spent the night at the comfortable Seminar- and Sporthotel, where their meals were served in the best way.