Mag. Erna Schöfmann – Successful folk actress as well as Karateka

Erna has been training successfully Karate in our military Karateclub Heeressportverein Wien for 20 years and is now preparing herself for passing the examination for the 4th Dan Goju Ryu Jundokan Karate Do in Catania/Sicily end of July.

This annual Gasshuku is prepared by Dr. Franzesco Sapienza, the local head of Jundokan Karate Do in Sicily. Our famous grandmasters Tsuneo Kinjo and Tetsu Gima of our Jundokan Honbu Dojo in Okinawa will train us there for one week.

Last year Erna particiated within our group of Austrian participants at the international Gasshuku in Enköping, organized by the local Jundokan Karate heads in Sweden, Stefan and Sophia.

Beside her job to be a manager in a big company she follows her strong passion for acting and  is engaged in a famous theatre  in Lower Austria, one of the 9 federal countries of Austria.

On stage she always fascinates the visitors by her strong actions and the perfection of the presentations during the shows.

A famous stage role she presented early  this year. This is ment by the saying …….

Erna did it again!

For the fourth time she hit the stage in Stockerau with the local theatre group „Dramatische Sektion Stockerau / Komödie Stockerau“ in „Eine schreckliche Familie“ („An awful family“).

The vivacious comedy is about a hypochondriac family father, planning his own funeral while his daughter and her husband are busy trying to get the rich but eccentric aunts’ money by faking pregnancy, while a permanently clogged toilet and some quite annoying characters in the family and neighborhood as well as unannounced guests are making things even more complicated and add to chaos by causing quite som stir and misunderstandings.

Erna as the old-maid aunt Aurelia, notoriously afraid of men, adds to her craziness by some quite hysterical reactions to all the strangers that keep showing up in their home.
We enjoyed a wonderful time watching the hilarious play.

Now it’s time to go back to the dojo to focus on Karate.