Running Training at the Paramilitary Karate Club HSV-Vienna

In one of our Karate training lessons, which are held during the  whole week, especially on Wednesday, we offer practicing for our youngsters under the leadership of three qualified trainers namely Christian Pirker, Karl Grünwald und DI (graduated engineer) Barbara Höbling.

Also this training is performed in a military area, therefore special clearances are necessary to take part in.

The training does not only include education in Karate but also in playing games, team building and cooperation in groups.

It`s always satisfying to see how this program works and beside the trainers also the parents are glad to see the development of the children.

In addition to that Karl Grünwald held some Karate trainings with youngsters  in February 2015 in Wagrain, a famous village for skiing in Salzburg, one of the 9 Federal Countries of Austria.

The photographs give you an impression of the performances.