Selfdefense Training

Following the initiative of the head of the college, graduated engineer Wolfgang Bodei, a seminar for female and male teachers of our school and their belongings was held in April

The seminar covered an introduction about the corresponding parts of law (e.g. and March 2014).

As usual in the past the responsible trainer was Dr. Friedrich Gsodam, 9th Dan, Goju Ryu Jundokan, who organizes karate trainings and weekend seminars periodically at the college and the Sport- und Seminarhotel at Hollabrunn.

§§ 3, 83, 91, 94, 95 StGB) as well as advices on how to cope dangerous situations by her/his own ability.

We have to confess that more and more threatening situations have come up in Austria recently, therefore usable measures have to be taken.

The main principle of the seminar was to establish a number of basics, which can be varied in correspondence to the running situation,

e.g. measures against hold on hands and body, pushing, striking and kicking.

14 participants attended the seminar and finally got their certificates from the head of the college, Wolfgang Bodei.

The photographs give you an impression of the event.