Weekend Seminar at the Secondary Technical and Vocational College

From 13th to 15th March 2015 the traditional Karate weekend seminar was held in Hollabrunn, Lower Austria, again.

38 participants from Karate Clubs from Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Tyrol and Vienna attended the seminar.

Even the president Klaus Ebermayr and the vice-president Michael Beihammer of the Karate Federation of Tyrol, one of the nine Austrian Federal Countries, participated in with some of their students.

The main goal of this event was to increase the knowledge in Kata and Bunkai as well as in self defence and in special techniques of Kumite.

The Kumite lesson was held by Helmut Lohner, 6th Dan Goju Ryu, the well known trainer for Kumite of the Karate Federation of Lower Austria. The lesson covered the important technique Gyaku Zuki in different variations in accordance with the running rules of the Austrian Karate Federation.

The principal of the Secondary Technical and Vocational College, Hollabrunn, DI Wolfgang Bodei, opened the Seminar and gave an interview to the local newspaper NÖN (Niederösterreichische Nachrichten Hollabrunn).

See enclosed newspaper article.

The participants  used, as a tradition,  the comfortable “Sporthotel” in Hollabrunn and the served  meals have been excellent as in the past.

The photographs give you an impression of the event.